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Heat Treatment Job Work

Heat Treatment
• Job Work
Case Hardening -
• Liquid Nitriding Tuffriding & Nitro     Carburising
• Oxidising
• Gas Carburising
• Carbo (Nitriding)
• Induction Hardnening
• Gas Nitriding & Nitro Carburising
Hardening -
• Tempering, Austempering
Stress Relieving
Manufacturer Of Heat Treatment     Equipments Furnaces & Fixtures
We believe quality through Process Control. Our  Furnace is Electrically heated having dual temperature controller one is for bath & other is for jacket temperature. This ensures uniform & accurate temperature of bath.
Liquid Nitriding
Our process is non-pollutive, sulphar accelerated at low temperature (570 + 100 C ). 
It is an ideal process to improve the resistance of ferrous materials to wear, seizure, corrosion & fatigue. For a specified period of time of soaking of components in bath, produces a compound zone of 10-25 microns & nitrogen difusion layer of 0.2-0.6mm. It advantageously replaces shallow depth case hardening  & carburising.
Camshafts, Bushes, Roker Shafts, Tappets, Shafts, Oil/Fuel & Water  Feed Pumps, Gears, Spindles,  Bearings, Cylinder Liners, Sprokets, Guides, Cages,  Valves, Rocker Arms,  Slides, Crankshafts, Valve Guides, Shafts, Flanges,  Pins, Tools,  Dies, Sheet Metal Parts, Machine Parts, Stainless Steel Components, Cast Iron Items,  Transmission Parts and Any Ferrous Material.
Furnace Size
600 mm dia X 1200 mm Depth.
The oxidising process has been developed to further improve corrosion  resistance of ferrous material previously liquid nitrited. The process is carried out at 425 + 250 C, provides a pleasing black colour. This process can replace hard chrome in number of applications. This process eliminates problems like peel off, hydrogen embrittlement & non uniform plating thickness.
Carbo - Nitriding
It is a modified form of gas carburising. In this Process the nitrogen diffuses into the steel simultaneously with carbon. Carbonitrided case has better hardenability & wear resistance than carburised case.

For many applications, carbonitriding the less expensive steel will provide properties equivalent to those obtained in gas carburised alloy steels. Steel Commonly carbo-nitrided includes those in the 1000, 1100, 1200, 1300, 1500, 4000, 4100, 4600, 5100, 6100, 8600 & 8700 AISI series of low carbon steels.

Medium carbon or alloy steels are often carbo-nitrided to provide  better wear resistance than conventional hardening. Case depth in carbo-nitriding is limited to 0.3 to 0.7 mm.
Furnace Size
600 mm dia X 1000 mm Depth.
Furnace is having Oxygen probe & Milli-volt Controller facility to control surface carbon accurately.
It is also having facility for nitrogen purging & ammonia dissociation  unit for gas nitriding.
• Case Hardening • Gas Nitriding • Liquid Nitriding • Oxidising • Steaming • Hardening • Tempering • Stress Relieving • Annealing • Normalising • Solution Heat • Treatment • Precipitation Hardening • Induction Hardening • Austempering • Carburising • Nitro carburising
• Carbonitriding
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